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I am Bernadette, originally from Australia, and living in the UK for almost 20 years following marriage to my lovely English husband. My lifelong passion is enabling people to help themselves and enhance their lives through hypnotherapy.

My interest in psychology and therapy developed while working as a telephone counsellor in Sydney, Australia in the 1990s. I found listening to peoples’ stories and helping them overcome personal issues and challenges to gain back control of their lives was very satisfying.

I trained as a clinical hypnotherapist in London in 2012, as I found that hypnotherapy is a wonderful and very effective way to get to the root of an issue, and bring about long lasting solutions. Once qualified, I set up my own private practice in Northampton, as well as working in a therapy practice on Harley Street, London.

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More recently I have decided to specialise in using hypnosis and hypnotherapy for weight loss. This area has always been my passion – I’m interested in nutrition and healthy eating but mainly on the connection between food and the emotions. Why do we turn to comfort eating in stressful times in life? even happy times? when we are bored? why is one biscuit not enough?

And why should you work with me? I am a no-nonsense Aussie, with an Australian way of working – short, sharp and to the point, providing highly focused, practical solutions to your situation. While direct in dealing with my clients, I work with large doses of warmth, compassion and humour, as I take you on a journey to stop overeating once and for all.

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