Lose Life-Changing Lockdown Weight With Weight Loss Hypnosis

Did you know that the average Brit is consuming an extra 2331 calories a week during lockdown? Since the anxiety-inducing Coronavirus outbreak, it is perhaps understandable that people are turning to food for comfort, especially as many other coping mechanisms, such as seeing friends and going to the gym are off-limits. However, this emotional connection with food is leading many people to gain weight (known as the ‘Quarantine 15’ – the extra 15 pounds people typically gain during lockdown).

So, what’s the problem with the lockdown body? The problem is that weight gain stems much deeper than that. 63.8% of the adult population in England is overweight, causing significant physical and mental health issues. Furthermore, these worrying statistics may have something to do with the severity of Coronavirus too.

What’s The Link Between Coronavirus and Weight?

Research suggests that obesity may be a significant factor in the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. It is important to stress that being overweight doesn’t mean you’re more likely to catch the virus. However, it may mean you suffer more severe symptoms if you have the virus. Current research suggests that being overweight means your 40% more likely to die in hospital from the virus.

Furthermore, a study by the University of Oxford says that overweight people are three times more likely to die from Coronavirus once infected. Similarly, there are links between diabetes and Coronavirus too. 25% of patients who have died in hospitals in England from COVID-19 have had diabetes.

As the research is so new, there are no exact reasons that state why obesity can make COVID-19 symptoms more severe. However, doctors believe that extra weight can make the mechanics of breathing harder, which can reduce oxygen supply to vital organs. Another factor is that people who are overweight have more cytokines in the body. These are triggers for inflammation and can interrupt normal cell functions.

In a pandemic such as this, our bodies need to be in the best position to fight the virus. This is why losing weight could be a matter of life and death at the moment.

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