I simply cannot thank Bernadette enough for counselling and working with me on her 8 week weight loss programme with hypnotherapy. We explored some deep issues that I wasn’t even aware of, and once these came to light, I felt happier and lighter and the weight loss became easy. I have not felt this good about myself in such a long time, and I felt listened to in a safe space. I highly recommend Bernadette as a therapist for losing weight.


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Aware of how difficult, even daunting, initial visits to a therapist can be I simply want to commend Bernadette to you. Bernadette is a friend I have known for several years. Her therapy work is intuitive, professional, effective and gentle. It reflects her warmth, integrity, perceptive nature and care, engendering the trust and security experienced by all who know her.



Bernadette is a good listener and has helped me in my journey in London. She shows great insight into others' lives and always tries to come up with different viewpoints. I would recommend anyone wanting some relief from their problems through hypnotherapy to definitely contact Bernadette.



My sessions with Bernadette were so helpful and have made a difference to my life. It was the first time someone had heard my story in a very long time, she was present, and non-judgemental. My anxieties have decreased and I’m starting to enjoy my life again. I feel good about life and my future and I thank you Bernadette.

Amanda B


I have been a contributing participant to Bernadette Ross' journey over the past 25 years, as her life guide and friend I have been privileged to witness her conquer her challenges both within and without with much grace. She brings forth both her ancestors wisdom, the Indigenous Australians and the English, whilst balancing them both within herself and she offers such exclusive refinement to the soul of those who are lucky to have her attention, and is absolutely awe inspiring.
Engage with her as your change agent, work with her, take her good counsel, and she will give you the better you!

Saliha Tajhal

Thank you Bernadette for the fabulous counselling you have provided to me over the years, I have appreciated your guidance and have acted on it many times. You’re a very good listener who has empathy with your clients and you encouraged me to think 'outside the square' when problem solving.

Your advice is always clear and concise and you helped me plot a path to achieving successful outcome in many areas of my life, so a huge thank you.


Perth, Western Australia

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